KARACHI: Acting Secretary of Pakistan Automobile Spare Parts Importers & Dealers Association (PASPIDA) Muhammad Shaheen, while referring to several complaints received from PASPIDA members, said that Customs Authorities at Karachi Port have unusually held bearing consignments and were unnecessarily lingering customs procedures which was resulting in causing heavy demurrages, detention, wharfage and other losses to customers’ account.

In a statement issued, PASPIDA Secretary said that the Customs Authorities are taking undue time in all steps of clearance; examination, appraisement and adjudication (if applicable). “We have received many complaints of unfair examination reports, which are made to pressurize importers and put their matters in contravention.

The attitude of custom authorities towards our importers is disrespectful and all sorts of tactics to harass importers are being used”, he added.

Expressing shock over utter blackmailing of importers, he mentioned that even the consignments which have no issue or have clearance from adjudication are held up by shed staff, claiming to check any past recovery on same license.

“It is unfortunate that all principles, code and ethics are left behind by the customs authorities, by holding current GDs which are systematically cleared and have no concern with past GDs.

Muhammad Shaheed stated that Customs Authorities were also harassing Bearing Importers whose goods are not at the port but have been cleared in the past.

“We have also received complaints of phone calls to importers with threat of criminal proceeding if they do not showup at custom house and submit the recovery amount.”

He urged the Customs Authorities to stop this blackmailing and even if there was an issue in the clearances done in past, they should issue show cause to importers instead of threatening them by making phone calls, and also investigate internally their own examiners and appraisers who cleared the goods.

“This unnecessary hold and harassment must stop. It has already caused losses and has become a major reason for mental torture to importers and it will only cause more trouble, if prolonged further.”

Secretary PASPIDA opined that this was all being done by some powerful people involved in bearing trade in order to sabotage the entire bearings business in Pakistan, wipe out competition and pave way for smuggling.

He requested Chairman FBR & Chief Collector to take this matter seriously by acting strictly against concerned ACs/DCs/Appraisers and all those involved in harassing Bearing Importers and delaying bearings’ Customs Clearance.


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