KARACHI: The customs appellate of High Court of Sindh has conveyed to the lawyers of customs as well as petitioners to avoid adjournment and instead plead their case so that pending cases be disposed of expeditiously.

According to sources, the bench comprising Justice Muhammad Junaid Ghaffar and Justice Agha Faisal told the lawyers of custom penal that no adjournment will be allowed on the request of the department.

Likewise the counsels in cases wherein stay has been granted and more than six months have lapsed, the bench said that it will proceed with the matter without wasting any further time.

The result is increased disposal of cases giving relief to the petitioners/importers while department is also getting legitimate revenue. The pendency before the customs appellate bench is also being reduced and justice is being dispensed expeditiously.

The bench has also expressed that petitioners/importers shall avail the statutory remedies available to them to avoid un-necessary litigation and customs was also asked to entertain the request of the applicants/importers for relief under statutory provisions of law. This strict adherence to law and procedure will discourage the foray of petitions on filmsy grounds and instead would prove conducive for better business environment.