IoBM holds events on water security & mental wellness

Two key events were recently held at the Institute of Business Management (IoBM), Karachi. The Global & Regional Studies Center (GRSC), IoBM held a webinar on ‘Water Security Challenges & the Way Forward for Pakistan’. Panelists included Shahab Osto, Advocate High Court; Khalid Memon, Former Secretary, Government of Sindh, and Dr. Imran Ahmed, Professor, NED University of Engineering and Technology. Ambassador Ghulam Rasool Baluch was the moderator. The second event was the Mental Health Week (MHW) organized by IoBM’s Department of Health and Hospital Management (MHM), CBM Society of Health Managers (CSHM), and PharmEvo.

During the webinar on Water Security Challenges, Dr. Imran Ahmed shared that data from authentic sources is required to gauge the flow of water. It will help determine water requirements for provinces. A Telemetric system must be implemented across all water channels to devise viable solutions. Shahab Utso called for the restoration of a water commission. He suggested that a national water policy institution must be established to solve Pakistan’s water security challenges. The claims of lower and upper channels must be measured scientifically and transparently. He suggested overhauling the process of water governance by taking advice from water experts. Khalid Memon said that the availability and distribution of water through a reliable, scientific mechanism must be ensured. Pakistan’s Water Accord of 1991 must be implemented to certify equal water distribution among provinces. He said that a 25-year water vision must be implemented. In conclusion, Ambassador Baluch said that the decision-makers must take points from this webinar to design and implement water governance initiatives to help Pakistan overcome water security challenges.

The objective of the second event, Mental Health Week, was to introduce mental wellness assessments for faculty and students during the Covid-19 era. HIIT Trainer and Nutritional Consultant, Ali Kanch; Psychologist and Psychotherapist, Khan Hassan Afridi conducted informative sessions. During a symposium on ‘Mental Health for All’ Dr. M. Iqbal Afridi, Dean Faculty of Psychiatry, CPSP; HoD, Psychiatry, JPMC, and President Pakistan Psychiatric Society delivered an insightful training session on Memory, Emotional Intelligence and IQ. The MHW was graced by the presence of IoBM’s Mr. Talib Karim, President; Ms. Sabina Mohsin, Executive Director; Dr. Syed Irfan Hyder, Rector and Dr. Asima Faisal, HoD, MHM. Most of the faculty and students attended the symposium through Zoom to follow social distancing parameters.

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