Karachi: Pakistan Stock Brokers Association (PSBA) being actively involved towards enhancing the financial literacy and to promote ethical practices amongst its members, held a session on Ethical Decision Making (EDM) Framework, in collaboration with CFA Society Pakistan.

PSBA was honored with the presence of Mr. Mohammad Shoaib – CFA, Chief Executive Officer of Al-Meezan Investments Ltd. The session was conducted by Mr. Malik Dilawayz Ahmed, Certified Ethics Trainer, CFA Society Pakistan, and Chief Executive
Officer of Darson Securities Limited.
The session was attended by 100 participants including the Executive Committee of PSBA, Board member of Pakistan Stock Exchange, members of the Association, and senior management of other Capital Market entities. The session was also open for multiple platforms so that interested participants may join as it was accessible live
through ZOOM as well.

Mr. Bilal Farooq Zardi, Secretary General, while opening the session stated that we are thankful to CFA Society Pakistan for supporting us to promote Ethics amongst the broker community of PSX. He appreciated Mr. Mohammad Shoaib, to be the chief guest of the session and Mr. Malik Dilawayz Ahmed to conduct the session on the special
request of the Association.

He further added that PSBA, while taking the corporate social responsibilities seriously, is committed to the ethical and best practices to ensure that we address and monitor all aspects of CSR that are relevant. In order to develop the skills and acknowledge of the members of the Capital Market community, we intend to work tirelessly and will design a financial literacy plan as a roadmap for our future endeavors.

Addressing the participants, Mr. Mohammad Shoaib said that he was extremely proud that PSBA being a representative body of TREC Holders/Stock Brokers of PSX has
taken an initiative in order to promote financial literacy amongst its members. He further stated that being a Capital Market participant we always appreciate such positive steps taken by the Association to cater to the needs of its members. He also emphasized on the holding of such sessions on a regular basis. Acknowledging the initiative of the Association he stated that the Association is working tremendously for the Stock Broking Industry. On his part, he promised for the continuous support of CFA Society Pakistan. He congratulated the team. It was an excellent effort, he added. The session was gracefully concluded, and the members of the Executive Committee, who were present in person Mr. Hamad Nazir Kehar, Mr. Muhammad Munir Khanani,
Mr. Noman Abdul Majeed Adam, Mr. Bilal Farooq Zardi, Secretary General, and Dr. Fawad Yusuf senior member PSX, presented the token of appreciation to Mr. Mohammad Shoaib and Mr. Malik Dilawayz Ahmed.

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