Serious anomalies in WeBOC system detected

KARACHI: There are serious flaws in the WeBOC system and it seems WeBOC system is not as automated as claimed, because the system is assigning GDs and clearing the same on its own against the pattern.

Sources said WeBOC system was very risky and the system was doing things as if it was being controlled and manipulated.

Recently, a consignment comprising 18 containers was being cleared through the green channel without payment of duty and taxes. The serious anomaly in this case is that the GD has a prefix of KRPV i.e. Preventive Collectorate, whereas it was supposed to be filed in the MCC Port Qasim and assessed/cleared therefrom.

The consignment is blocked at gate out stage.

MCC Preventive has not staff for the purpose and the WeBOC system cleared the consignment on its own. It may be mentioned here MCC Preventive is not dealing with any containerized or LCL cargo of home consumption GDs at QICT or elsewhere and system should have let the GD be filed in the first stage.

An official said a comprehensive audit of WeBOC is direly needed, while the scrutiny of importers’ profile enjoying green channel status should also be conducted immediately.

In past, another automated system PaCCS was installed, but it was also being controlled and was not automated. Additional Collector Ashir Azeem Gill was the mastermind behind PaCCS and he had formed a company named PaCCS Private Limited.

The agreement was about to be signed between Customs and Agility, which would have given Ashir Azeem access and control over entire Customs clearance and assessment along with other sensitive data.

However, the agreement empowering could not be signed and Gill was suspended. After a year he was restored, but he was not given any sensitive position and then he resigned and moved to Canada.

Sources claim Gill owns a transport company in Canada, 100 acres land, and he is serving as Director Customs in Dubai.

An official said Ashir Azeem Gill was working on some foreign agenda and now he had become a part of 5th generation warfare defaming Pakistan army.

An analyst said the primary reason behind dispute between Nawaz Sharif and Army was Nawaz’s leniency towards India, and his decisions causing loss to the country.

Analyst said Nawaz Sharif made motorways and installed expensive electricity projects putting excessive burden on country’s resources.

It is also claimed by certain quarters that Nawaz Sharif and political parties never contested India for making dams choking Pakistan’s water supply, and they never established in Pakistan to counter India’s move.

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