KARACHI: Deciding a complaint filed by Muhammad Abdullah, Director of Steel Vision (Pvt) Limited under Section 10(1) of the Federal Tax Ombudsman Ordinance 2000, FTO Mushtaq Ahmed Sukhera directed the Director General Intelligence & Investigations (I&I), Islamabad to take appropriate action as per incident report dated 17-7-2019.

The said incident report was submitted by Ali Aijaz, Deputy Collector, Customs, Karachi Export Processing Zone to Collector, MCC Exports, Port Muhammad Bin Qasim against Dost Muhammad, Superintendent (Officiating) I&I, Karachi.

The complainant officer alleged that Dost Muhammad turned belligerent, hurled threats and misbehaved with him after hearing of a constitution petition filed by Steel Vision against detention of goods. It was alleged that Dost Muhammad used abusive language and also accused the DC KEPZ of conniving with the accused importers. The complainant demanded stringent action Dost Muhammad under E&D Rules and also of commencing criminal prosecution against him for causing hindrance in his official work by publicizing news in media.

The Chief Collector, Customs PMBQ sent the said ‘Incident Report’ to Director General I&I, Islamabad along with report of Collector Exports, PMBQ for initiating disciplinary proceedings for “Gross Misconduct and Delinquency”.

The matter remained pending as the legal battle was on but now after decision of Customs Appellate Tribunal in favor of Steel Vision, the FTO decided the complaint after Departmental Representatives assured that complaint would be processed as per law.