QUETTA: Collector MCC Appraisement Quetta Waheed Marwat has noted that members of trade bodies including Chambers of Commerce and Industry are constantly indulging in illegal trade practices.

Resultantly, Customs is left with no option but to physically examine the imported goods causing increase in dwell time of goods and also hampering the genuine effort of MCC Quetta in relation to trade facilitation, Waheed MArwat noted in a letter to President Quetta Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

MCC Quetta has detected import of Kerosene oil and High Speed Diesel in the garb of While Spirit and hydrocarbon solvent.

In compliance with directive of the FBR to take strict action against smuggling of food items and petroleum products, MCC Quetta increased its vigilance to thwart attempts of mis-declarations. Recently, samples of 89 consignments of White Spirit and Hydrocarbon Solvent were sent to the HDIP Laboratory, Karachi for chemical analysis.

The laboratory after testing of the samples reported that out of the said 89 samples, 67 samples upon testing have been found to be of Kerosene and High Speed Diesel. Therefore, relevant consignments were seized.

Collector Waheed Marwat also mentioned smuggling of skimmed milk in the garb of import of fresh potatoes from Iran; mis-declaration of weight and quantity of mobil oil; smuggling of black tea in the garb of polyethylene and mis-declaration in quantity of tea in garb of transshipment from Taftan to NLC Dry ports Quetta and smuggling of betel nut in the garb of chickpeas of Iran origin in his letter to President Quetta Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

MCC Quetta laid down mandatory requirements for customs clearance of imported consignments of White Spirit and Hydrocarbon solvent through land route at Custom House Taftan:

  1. All drums/packing should be uniform, and of standard size and specifications
  2. Following details should be printed or indelibly marked on the drum packing by the manufacture:
  3. i) Date of manufacturing; ii) Batch number. c. All consignments of White Spirit and Hydrocarbon solvents should be accompanied with: i). Analysis certificates issued by the manufactures showing detailed composition of the product duly certified by the Iranian Customs ii). Goods Declaration ( i.e Export GD of Iran ) along with Customs permits issued by the Iranian Customs of all the vehicles reflected in the export GD, which will be submitted at the time of entry of the first %chick.
  4. Import of these products shall not be allowed through oil tankers unless the Iranian Refinery Seals are found intact on such tankers, and the consignment is accompanied with Iranian Export GD showing detailed description of the products. 2. No consignments shall be allowed to enter Pakistan at Taftan border without fulfilling the above conditions.
  5. Apart from above instructions, all the procedures and requirements already in place, including lab test, etc, shall also be applicable for clearance of each consignment.

An official said Collector Waheed Marwat visited Iran Consulate and asked Irani Customs to keep strict vigilance on the mis-declaration of goods being exported from Iran.

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