KARACHI: MCC JIAP has submitted the interim charge sheet in the Special Court of Customs & Taxation against several accused for attempting to defraud government and evade taxes on the import of multimedia memory cards.

Information was received through Collector Preventive Saquif Saeed regarding import of goods through mis-declaration at the airport. Additional Collector Frah Farooq and Deputy Collector Inam ullah wazir advised Superintendent Mian Javaid Iqbal to keep strict vigilance on import through air and incoming parcels through couriers.

The Rummaging & Patrolling Section of MCC JIAP on the basis of profiling and actionable intelligence during the process of scanning withheld two parcels arrived from Hong Kong China through UPS Saver Courier Company at Immediate Clearance Group (ICG) for clearance and processing.

The parcels were in the name of Umair and Brothers. The scrutiny of the accompanies documents revealed that M/s AK & Sons Trading, Hong Kong shipped out two consignments each weighing 01 KG in favour of M/s Umair & Brothers, Karachi.

Apparently these packages were much heavier than the declared weight. This very fact led to strengthen the suspicion with regard to the foul play and therefore, both the parcels were detained.

The examination of the detained packages led to the recovery of 67,300 Multimedia Memory Cards worth Rs18.998 million.

Investigation with respect of mis-declaration of weight is underway and concern authority of M/s UPS has been asked to submit report in the instant matter. Further perusal of document recovered from both parcels as sales invoice revealed that mis-declaration has deliberately been made in respect of quantity, description and unit price etc.

While conduction examination of all papers available on case file it is established that mis-declaration as seen on recovered documents from both parcels was made by consignor in order to facilitate consignee namely Umair S/o Islam U Din. The sole purpose of mis-declaration was to hoodwink Customs Staff and cause lose to national exchequer.

Because a considerable amount Rs6.937 involved in terms of Customs Duty and allied taxes which was attempted to evade by fraudsters.

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