PESHAWAR: The Customs station at gate of Angoor Adda of South Wazristan cleared its first ever GD number 01.

Efforts for Development of Wana South Waziristan are going on. It is a historical moments that we have processed 1st ever Custom Activity GD (Goods Declaration) at Angoor Adda Gate.

Pak-Afghan border station Angoor Adda of South Waziristan District was started formerly handling bilateral trade cargo from 23rd September 2020.

The Collectorate of Appraisement and Facilitation Peshawar led by Collector and Additional Collector Shahid Jan completed all the necessary infrastructural and other arrangements in record time for opening for functioning of Customs station Angoor Adda at South Waziristan District for handling bilateral trade.

The Angoor Adda was notified as Customs station in 2004 but could not be made operation due to security reasons, however the present government has been taking keen interest to promote trade with Afghanistan and for this purpose various border crossing adjoining Afghanistan are being opened and upgraded to promote regular trade and curb smuggling.

For opening of said border station the Advisor to PM Arbab Shahzad was closely supervising and monitoring the efforts and measures taken to facilitate and realize the immune trade potential with Afghanistan, the efforts for early functioning of Customs station at Angoor Adda gained momentum after Syed Muhammand Tariq Huda assumed the responsibility as Member Customs (Operations) of FBR (federal board of revenue) in May 2020.

Under the guidance of Tariq Huda a team led by Chief Collector North Asif Jah, Muhammad Saleem Collector Peshawar materialized the opening of this important trade route for legal trade with Afghanistan in possible shortest time.

It is worth mentioning here that this initiative could not have been succeeded in such a short time without the active coordination and support of other law enforcement and security agencies.

The reopening of Customs station at Angoor Adda was a milestone and a resolve of the current government to promote and facilitate regular border trade by discouraging of smuggling so that uplifting of the economic well being of local inhabitants may be ensure who suffered due to instability and insecurity in the past.