KARACHI: With the complete assistance of MCC Preventive Karachi, Afghan Customs authorities have been able to seize 6.0 tons of Indian origin iodine worth $546 million. Iodine is a precursor for Methamphetamine and could produce 4.5 tons of the synthetic narcotics.

The goods had arrived under Afghan Transit Trade (ATT) destined for Afghanistan. The drums are marked with M/s Eskay Iodine Pvt Ltd, Mumbai, India.

Information was received through Collector Preventive Karachi Saquif Saeed to Additional Collector Haroon Waqar Malik regarding arrival of contraband under Afghan Transit Trade.

Assistant Collector Shafiullah and Superintendent Shamim Akhtar of Port Control Unit (PCU) were advised to keep strict vigilance on the consignments arriving under Afghan Transit Trade.  Subsequently, a container was identified by PCU having suspicious profiling.

Collector Saquif Saeed informed Chief Collector Saifuddin Junejo on this development and it was decided that the goods should be allowed to be transported to Afghanistan. However, the consignment was monitored by Pakistan Customs till Torkham border, so that the goods could not be replaced during the transit. Chief Collector Saifuddin Junejo personally monitored all activities.

As soon as the consignment reached Torkham border, Pakistan Customs alerted Afghan Customs authorities. Acting upon it, Afghan Customs in coordination with UNDOC and US DEA managed to seize 6 MT of Iodine.

This joint operation of Pakistan and Afghan Customs that led to seizure of such huge quantity of iodine will have immense international impact especially in terms of Financial Action Task Force (FATF) decision regarding the status of Pakistan.

An official said Iodine is a precursor for Methamphetamine and the seized goods worth $546 million could produce 4.5 MT of synthetic drug.  MCC Preventive and Afghan Customs have stopped flow of enormous funds going to the hands of terrorist organizations.

All international agencies have appreciated professional competence of Pakistan Customs.

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