KARACHI: Pre-admission notices were issued to the respondents including Federal Law Ministry for Oct 01 in a petition filed by Custom Association.

The bench comprising Justice Aqeel Ahmed Abbasi and Justice Zulfiqar Ahmed Khan earlier heard initial arguments from counsel for the petitioners who prayed the court for direction to the respondents to ensure appointment of members to the Special Custom Appellate Tribunal.

It was stated that tribunal is working only with a chairman who is also hearing the cases to be heard by double member bench. The inability of the government to the appoint member technical etc is resulting in violation of law and miscarriage of justice, the petitioners maintained expressing their grievances before the SHC. The importers, custom agents are suffering due to failure of the authorities responsible for making appointments. This would in turn increase the burden on superior courts, argued the counsel for petitioners.

The bench after hearing preliminary arguments ordered issuance of pre-admission notices to respondents for Oct 01.

Correcting name of the petitioner Association..