Decisions to strictly regulate Afghan transit trade on the cards

KARACHI: An online meeting between Member Customs Tariq Huda Director General Transit Trade and Directors of Transit Trade will be held on Friday to discuss transit trade and several important decisions are expected.

On Thursday, National Assembly Standing Committee formed by Speaker National Assembly took  decisions regarding Afghan Transit Trade. Sources said National Logistics Cell (NLC) is being given an important responsibility.

Afghanistan-Pakistan Transit Trade Agreement (APTTA) would also be revised in FY22-23, and Customs officers would be taken into confidence.

APTTA was signed in 2010 and it was continued in 2013, and every five years after that, the agreement was continued.

Now, relationship between Pakistan and Afghanistan are not friendly as Afghanistan is pursuing Indian agenda.

On the other hand, Pakistan government is making all efforts to stop smuggling and anti-social activities from Afghanistan into Pakistan. Pakistan authorities are installing a fence on the border and Afghan forces are resisting to it carrying out attacks on Pakistan’s forces.

Pakistan is now committed to eliminate smuggling from Pakistan. It was known that an import quota for Afghanistan under transit trade would be fixed.


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