Karachi: A field-team of K-Electric (KE) recently demonstrated remarkable courage, as they rescued 6 laborers who were stranded inside a blazing towel-factory in 16-B North Karachi Industrial Area. As soon as the power-utility received a complaint about this accidental fire, a field team was dispatched to the location. Arriving at the burning factory, the KE team noticed 6 workers trapped on the 3rd floor of the building. Responding immediately, the KE personnel ensured a safe rescue for all the endangered lives, while also repairing the damages in the electrical system. 

The North Karachi Association of Trade & Industry (NKATI) also wrote a letter of appreciation to Mr. Moonis Alvi – Chief Executive Officer of K-Electric Limited, to commend the humanitarian spirit of these KE personnel. This highly responsible gesture should also be an inspiration for all other Power-Distribution companies in Pakistan to work selflessly and ensure complete safety of the public.

The spokesperson of KE stated that; Safety of human life is the top priority at K-Electric. We conduct special training sessions for our employees to make sure that all preventive measures are taken, so human lives are never endangered during any of our operational activities. This incident is a testament to our work-force’s pledge to ensure the well-being of consumers.

On behalf of all industrial consumers of North Karachi, the president of NKATI – Muhammad Nasim Akhtar stated that; KE’s Regional Office staff, the IBC and technical-teams have always extended great support to every consumer in this area. Senior officials of KE also coordinate regularly with the NKATI members, for quick resolution of all issues relating to safe and reliable power-supply. The rescued laborers also expressed their gratitude for the dedication of the KE staff who saved their lives. The NKATI is committed to continue with their cohesive efforts along with KE in future, to work towards faster socio-economic progress of the whole country.