HYDERABAD: Following the directions of Abdul Rasheed Sheikh, Director General, Directorate General of Intelligence & Investigation-FBR (Customs) Islamabad to curb the menace of smuggling, the Director Dr. Sadiqullah Khan, Regional Directorate of Intelligence & Investigation (Customs), Hyderabad instructed ASO and SIU Wings headed by Syed Muhammad Raza Naqvi, Deputy Director, to keep extra vigilance, in particular against the organized smuggling of contraband items.

The Incharge, Special Investigation Unit (SIU) Syed Shafiq Ali was accordingly directed to conduct active surveillance on the movement of contraband goods. Consequently, pursuing a source report that three different consignments of smuggled contraband goods would be transported from Usta Muhammad (Balochistan) to different locations in Sindh via Indus Highway, the team of SIU of the Directorate successfully executed an operation and apprehended three 10-wheeler Hino Trucks from Sehwan Sharif district Jamshoro which were carrying smuggled betel nuts under the garb of bhoosa (animal feed).

The team of SIU took over the possession of the truck loaded with smuggled betel nuts into custody and brought to the office of the Directorate. The drivers of the trucks ran away taking advantage of bushes around the road sides and they managed to escape from the scene. The detailed examination of the recovered contraband goods loaded on above three vehicles has resulted into recovery of 26,000 kilograms (approx) smuggled betel nuts along with three 10-wheelers vehicles, valuing Rs.56.5 Million (approx).

The Director appreciated the efforts of ASO and SIU Wings of this Directorate who are working tirelessly day & night under the supervision of Deputy Director, Syed Muhammad Raza Naqvi.

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