Fire at Customs Intelligence & Investigation Karachi destroys record

KARACHI: Most of the record at Directorate of Customs Intelligence and Investigation Karachi was destroyed after a mysterious fire erupted at the offices of the Directorate on Saturday. The offices of the Directorate remain closed on Saturday and Sunday.

An official said record of Division-I and Division-III was completely destroyed, while R&A, CRA record remained safe.

Director Yaqoob Mako has called a team from Karachi University for forensic analysis of the premises to ascertain the reasons behind the fire. Police is also involved in the investigation.

Sources said it is a very mysterious incident adding the audit of these record could have been dangerous for the officers and officials already transferred, particularly those who were close associates of former Director General Shaukat Ali.

Director Karachi Yaqoob Mako had also planned an audit of the previous 3-year record pertaining to the blocking and de-blocking of consignments, warehouses and auction.

It may be mentioned here that liquor consignments were blocked and then de-blocked at Al-Hamd container Terminal. The fire destroying the record has covered up many scams.

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