QUETTA: In the ongoing operation against smuggled goods, MCC QUETTA in coordination with FC (North) Balochistan has seized 09 buses from Panjpai area (District Mastung) parked in a compound for transportation to upcountry .

The search of these buses led to recovery of Ajinomoto salt    (47.6 Metric tons); Almonds             (32 Metric Tons); Betel nuts          (30.8 Metric tons); Cloth                  (11.03 Metric tons); Cashew Nuts     (7 Metric Tons); Whey/milk         (4.3 Metric tons); Gutkha             (420,000 pouches); Blankets          (2.20 Metric Tons); Raisins             (2.1 Metric Tons); Black tea         (2.04 Metric Tons); Auto parts shampoo, carpets, tyres and other miscellaneous goods.

The total value of seizure is approximately Rs.211 million. Further legal proceedings are underway.

Member Customs Tariq Huda, Chief Collector Saifuddin Junejo and Collector Preventive Irfan Javed appreciated the staff.


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