Consignments imported for Pakistan were routed to Afghanistan through illegal amendments in BL

KARACHI: The investigations, launched by Director I&I Yaqoob Mako into the illegal amendments in Bill of Lading (BL) done by Customs officers on consignments arrived for Afghanistan Transit Trade (ATT), have taken a twist as many consignments imported for Pakistan were routed to Afghanistan through illegal amendments in BL.

A large number of BLs were amended through which consignments arriving at ports destined for Afghanistan were cleared in Pakistan. Various collectorates informed that several BLs were amended and gods were cleared in Pakistan, but all the applicable duty and taxes were received.

Many consignments, which were originally destined for Afghanistan, were cleared in Pakistan during 2013 and 2019.

However, during the course of investigations and alarming thing appeared that consignments landing to be cleared and consumed and Pakistan were routed to Afghanistan through amendments in BL by Deputy Collector MIS.

Over two dozens of consignments, which were imported for Pakistan, were routed to Afghanistan during 2013-2019, through illegal amendments in BL by the Deputy Collector MIS in the office. An official said many of these Deputy Collectors had already been promoted to Additional Collectors.

An official said routing consignments to Afghanistan meant that Pakistan didn’t collect any duty and taxes on these imported goods.

The official maintained that it was a known fact that a large number of ATT consignments were replaced during transit, while most of the goods imported by Afghan importers find their way back in Pakistan through smuggling.

Director I&I Yaqoob Mako is further investigating the case, which is turning out to be a mega scam.It may be mentioned here that recently, Collector Appraisement East Engr. Riaz Memon deprived one Additional Collector of the authorities and responsibilities for involvement in amending the Bills of Lading.


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