Additional Collector rejected around 700 CRs since March 2019

KARACHI: Additional Collector Law rejected around 700 Contravention Reports since March 2019, most of which were allegedly to benefit the importers maintain their green channel status and avoid penalties.

The Contravention Reports withdrawn/rejected by ADC Law involved duty and taxes of hundreds of millions rupees.

An official said the contravention Reports were routinely withdrawn particularly in Group-VII. The official said whenever Customs seized vehicles and Contravention Reports were served, the same were withdrawn after the owners of the vehicles submitted documents proving legal import and possession of the vehicles.

Sharjeel Jamal of UTrade Logistics lodged a complaint at Prime Minister’s portal mentioning the Additional collector Law rejected CRs to benefit the importers. If a CR is served on a importer having Green Channel status, the CR marked such importer’s profile costing the Green Channel status.

Sharjeel Jamal said CRs were withdrawn to help importers maintain their green channel status. It may be mentioned here that the green channel is the primary source of smuggling, mis-declaration and under-invoicing.

Moreover, certain importers were given favor and CRs against them were rejected to protect them against fine and penalty.

Sharjeel Jamal said Customs introduced Policy of Trade Facilitation, which had caused irreparable loss to the national exchequer. The policy dictates not to lodge CR if duty and taxes were received, however this policy has widely been misused.

An official said MCC Appraisement East was the largest collectorate, and yet the affairs at the Collectorate were quite questionable where many scams involving Customs officers and officials had been detected.


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