KARACHI: Justice Muhammad Junaid Ghaffar of High Court of Sindh disposed of a suit filed by an importer in 2014 seeking release of bank guarantees deposited for release of consignments while directing the Nazir of High Court of Sindh to release the guarantees after proper identification of the Plaintiff.

The suit was filed by Milestone Textiles through Shahnawaz Memon Advocate citing the Chairman FBR, Model Customs Collectorate, Appraisement, West, Deputy Director Bank Guarantee, Model Custom Collectorate MCC Port Muhammad Bin Qasim , Director General, Intelliegence & Investigations, Assistant Directors I&I,  Collector Customs Export, West and  Chairman KPT as defendants.

Shah Nawaz Memon advocate represented the Plaintiff while defendants were represented by Masooda Siraj, Aamir Raz No restraining order obtained by Customs in SCRAs filed in 2016

and Afsheen Aman advocates. On the day of judgment i.e. 20-03-2020, Inspector Aslam Nadeem appeared for the Respondent DG I&I and submitted that some SCRA has been filed  against order of the tribunal.

The counsel for plaintiff disputed the same and said they have not received any notice of the SCRA. The defendant side on a query by the court conceded that no restraining order was passed in these SCRAs (SCRA 171 and 187 of 2016). The single judge after this statement disposed of the suit with directions to the Nazir of the court to release the guarantees.