KARACHI: MCC Appraisement East has notified distribution of work among Principal Appraisers within the collectorate.

Accordingly, Ashiq Ali Memon is assigned Group-I, HQs, Securities Section.

Asad Masood is assigned Group-III & VII, Refund

Najmul Hassan Jamali is assigned Group-II, One Customs & (Adjudication PA level)

Muhammad Sohail Ismail is assigned Auction (SAPT, NLCCT )

Amir Nasir Ali is assigned Group-VI. Audit (Internal and External), Recovery, Pre-Refund Audit

Shahrukh Akhlaq Siddiqui is assigned R&D, Revenue Analysis

Junaid Malik is assigned Group-IV, PRV & Warehousing

Noor Alam Durani is assigned Group-VIII, Law, DTRE & FTO

Abdul Shakoor is assigned Auction (PICT & East Wharf).

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