Chief FBR Iqbal Muneeb passes away

KARACHI: Iqbal Muneeb, a Grade-20 officer of Pakistan Customs Service passed away on Thursday evening. Iqbal Muneeb had been diagnosed with blood cancer, and during his chemotherapy at Agha Khan Hospital, he suffered a heart attack.

An official said Iqbal Muneeb was a reputed officer as well as mentor for new officers. He was posted as Chief Federal Board of Revenue (FBR).

A Customs agent Hasan Tariq said Iqbal Muneeb was not among the favorites for traders and clearing agents, as he never compromised and never gave out of the way favors.

Tariq said Muneeb was a very highly qualified officer and understood project management. He played an instrumental rule in computerizing the Customs and introduced several reforms.

During his time at Directorate of Customs Valuation, Iqbal Muneeb streamlined the valuations of importable goods and issued hundreds of Valuation Rulings at the actual values of the importable goods.

To bid befitting final farewell to Iqbal Muneeb who selflessly served the Pakistan Customs Service, his Nimaz-e-Janaza was performed on Eduljee Dinsha Road in front of Old Custom House. Thereafter, the body was dispatched to Lahore for burial.

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