MCC Port Qasim redistribute assignments among Deputy/Assistant Collectors

KARACHI:  MCC Port Qasim has notified transfers and postings of Deputy/Assistant Collectors within the Collectorate with immediate effect.

Accordingly, Deputy Collector Saima Zeb Butt is assigned Group-IV, Group-V, Refund and Adjudication (DC/AC level). She was looking after Group-IV, Group-V, Refund, Bulk/Licensing, One Customs and MCD Bulk and Adjudication (DC/AC level).

Assistant Collector Shah Samad Hamdani is assigned Group-II, Bulk/Licensing, One Customs, MCD-Bulk and FTO Cell. He is moved from Group-III, Audit (Internal/External) and FTO Cell.

Assistant Collector Tariq Hussain is moved from QICT Examination and Customs Lab to Headquarters and Group-III. It is interesting to note that Assistant Collector Tariq Hussain was assigned Examination on June 27, 2020, and after just two weeks, he is moved to Headquarters.

After Customs Intelligence and Investigation caught mis-declaration and revenue evasion on import of iron and steel products, and FIR was lodged against Assistant Collector Examination Omar Latif, Collector MCC Port Qasim Abdul Qadir Memon posted Assistant Collector Tariq Hussain in Examination.

Tariq is an efficient officer with experience of Examination. After assuming his new responsibilities, he streamlined Examination and implemented a policy of zero tolerance regarding mis-declaration, and lenient examination.  An official said the measures implemented by Assistant Collector in Examination and Customs Lab, created panic among Customs agents and importers involved in wrongdoings.

Due to the pressure from certain quarters, Assistant Collector Tariq is transferred within two weeks.

An official said MCC Port Qasim had only few experienced officers including Deputy Collector Ms. Zamzam, Deputy Collector Saima Zeb Butt, and Assistant Collector Tariq Hussain. All the other Assistant Collectors are quite fresh with no experience.

It may also be mentioned here that there are three Additional Collectors positions in MCC Port Qasim, and there is only Additional Collector in the MCC, Mushtaq Shahani, whom is over-burdened.

Assistant Collector Mohib Khan is moved from Off-Dock Terminals and Auction to QICT Examination and Customs Lab.

Assistant Collector Jahangir Bohio is assigned Audit (Internal/External) in addition to his responsibilities at Group-VI and Bonds. Assistant Collector Ali Hassan is moved from Group-II to Off-dock terminals and Auction.  

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