KARACHI: The Anti-Smuggling Squad of MCC JIAP has foiled an attempt to smuggle Boostin injections from Faisalabad to Karachi.

Information was passed through Collector Airport Irfan-ur-Rehman regarding transportation of Boostin injections. Additional Collector Aamir Nawaz formed a team headed by Deputy Collector Tauseef Gorchani. The team intercepted a suspected Toyota Corolla and recovered around 2,000 injections worth Rs5.8 million.

The vehicle was also seized, while the inmates were arrested. Investigations are underway.

Boostin is hormonal injection used to increase the milk production. It may be mentioned here Supreme Court of Pakistan has banned Boostin injections due to the hazardous effects it has on the health of humans consuming the milk as well as the animals.

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