KARACHI: A policy is being devised for government employees according to which the job security till 60 years of age will be withdrawn and seasoned employees would gradually be laid off after payment of pension and gratuity.

Moreover, no one would be given pensionable jobs in line with the agenda of International Monetary Fund (IMF).

Three separate committees are working on this project. These committees would submit their recommendations along with proposals regarding pre-mature retirement of employees and the expense thereof. It is expected the retirement orders would start being issued to employees in a couple of months.

It was learnt that 58 years old employees would be sent on forced leave for two years; after that employees completing 30-year service would be dealt with and then employees having 25-years of service.

Contractual employees are also likely to be laid-off as their contracts would not be renewed. Further, employees working on redundant posts would also be retired. It was also known that government would not appoint employees on regular basis henceforth.  

This polic would not apply to employees of armed forces despite the fact the pensions of retired armed forces’ employees constitute the major part of government’s pension bill.

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