Customs I&I Hyderabad seizes betel nut worth Rs38.5 million

HYDERABAD: Keeping in line with the directions of Director General Abdul Rasheed Sheikh to curb the menace of smuggling, Director Intelligence & Investigation Hyderabad Dr. Sadiqullah Khan directed ASO staff headed by Deputy Director Syed Muhammad Raza Naqvi to tighten the controls and kept extra vigilance against the organized smuggling of contraband items.

In this regard, Special Investigation Unit (SIU) Syed Shafiq Ali was directed for active surveillance on the movement of contraband goods. Information was passed that two separate consignments of huge quantity of betel nuts would be transported from Quetta to Karachi via Indus Highway under the garb of rice bran (for animal feed) by the organized network of smugglers who operate in Baluchistan and Sindh.  Regional Directorate was alerted.

Subsequently, SIU apprehended two 10 wheelers trucks loaded with betel nuts underneath bags of rice bran (for animal feed) at Lucky Shah Saddar near Sehwan Sharif, District Jamshoro.

The drivers of the trucks taking advantage of darkness and bushes around the road side managed to escape from the scene. The process of thorough examination of the contraband goods was conducted which resulted into recovery of huge quantity of betel nuts valuing Rs.38.50 Million. FIR is being lodged and investigations are underway.

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