Political uncertainty grips Pakistan Asif Zardari telephones Akhtar Mengal Shibili hopeful of keeping coalition in tact

KARACHI: Akhtar Mengal, chief of Balochistan National Party (BNP-Awami) announcement on the floor of National Assembly that his party is quitting the ruling coalition sounded alarm bells for PTI led government.

We have waited for two years that promises made with us are honored and people of Balochistan and others get much needed relief, but this has not happened and after sheer disappointment, BNP no more go along with the ruling party, said the seasoned politician from Balochistan.

Asif Ali Zardari, co-chairman PPP known for his political acumen wasted no time and telephone Akhtar Mengal. Both the personalities as per PPP’s media managers discussed political situation obtaining in the country. The two leaders discussed matters of mutual interest and what could be gathered is that Mengal may join hands with Zardari and this simply means trobule for Imran Khan and his government.

The most important challenge the PTI government will face will be the passage of annual budget which seems to be a daunting task now with BNP estranged and if Jehangir Tareen group, so far silent may spring surprise for PTI’s government. In house change or early elections could be a way out as political uncertainty amid Corona virus situation is increasing.

Federal Information Minister Senator Shibli Fraz sounded optimistic when he said that coalition will remain in-tact and relations between the coalition parties would improve to a new level.

Any misadventure of PTI government may prove fatal for its fragile government, political analyst believe. They foresee hard days ahead for the ruling party if  Covid 19 situation goes out of control and nation wide lockdown backtracking on its novel yet dangerous concept of smart lockdown.

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