KARACHI: Prime Minister Imran Khan on Wednesday termed National Finance Commission award being imbalanced and non-implementable. 

He was addressing a joint meeting of joint opposition in Sindh here.65 percent of money in divisible pool goes to provinces and after debt payments and expenditures what is left for federation is meagre, said PM Imran Khan.

After 18th amendment in Constitution, several anamolies have occured why needs to be addressed and decided by all the stake holders. Chief Minister if a province has powers more than a dictator, he said adding that while powers were delegated to provinces but same affect could not trickle down to lowest strata.
Addressing the leaders of MQM, coalition partners, Imran Khan said problems of Karachi and Lahore could not be addressed unless Mayor’s are elected directly.

Criticising PPP and Sindh Chief Minister PM said Syed Murad Ali Shah develop consensus but Bilawal Bhutto takes a divergent stance confusing every one.
Despite presence of PM Khan in city, no meeting was attended by SIndh Chief Minister despite growing number of deaths from Corona virus which claimed 136 lives during previous 24 hrs.
The recent visit instead of bridging gap between PTI and PPP widened it further.
PTI appears to be in trouble as Sardar Akhtar Mengal of BNP announced parting ways with PTI making the number game very tracherous for PTI as withdrawal of support by BNP may affect passage of budget giving rise to a constitutional crises.