Customs North seizes huge quantity of hashish worth Rs330 million in D.I. Khan

ISLAMABAD: Customs Staff of North Region posted at Dera Ismail Khan Customs (Enforcement) in pursuance of a credible information, recovered 1,080 kgs of Hashish valuing Rs. 330 millions, from secret cavities, built in side walls of the truck, which was coming via Quetta road to Punjab side.

The Customs staff had established 80 nakabandi on Quetta road near Daraband town at night time. The truck was hinted to stop but on seeing the Customs staff the driver did not stop and fled away.

Consequently it was chased by the squad, the driver escaped in the dark leaving the truck on road side. On cursory search on the spot the truck was empty, however, it was brought to the Customs office D.I. Khan and after thorough search, the side wall were opened with the help of cutters which led to recovery of Hashish, tactfully packed and concealed in containers built on side walls of the trolly.

Representative samples were drawn from the lot for chemical analysis. FIR in the case has been registered and further investigation is underway.

Chief Collector Customs (North), Dr. Asif Mahmood Jah appreciated the efforts and hard work of detecting staff and asserted that this spirit shall be kept alive by the all enforcement staff in the region as well so that the menace of smuggling could be curbed.

It is pertinent to mention that Syed Tariq Huda, Member-Customs (Operations), FBR has issued directions to all Chief Collectors Enforcement for ensuring strict enforcement of the Customs laws and utilizing all human and logistic resources and seize all sorts of smuggled goods entering from the borders. He has also expressed zero tolerance for corruption amongst the ranks and files of Customs.

Despite the fact that western borders are closed even then smuggled goods finds its way to consumption markets of the country. The Federal Government has placed more emphasis on the anti-smuggling. To this effect Provincial and Divisional level Task Forces have been notified where tangible results are yet to be obtained.

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