ASO Air Freight Unit seizes large quantity of Boostin hormone injections

KARACHI: Anti-Smuggling Organization (ASO) at Air Freight Unit (AFU) has tightened monitoring of courier parcels and during the process seized large quantity of Boostim (Somatotropin) injections and other goods worth Rs7.12 million.

On the directives of Collector Irfan-ur-Rahman had tasked  Superintendent ASO AFU Mian Javed Iqbal to keep an eye on courier parcels.

Information was passed through Additional Collector Aamir Nawaz Hamid to Deputy Collectors Tauseef Gorchani and Sabir Jamal, and acting on profile based intelligence, ASO intercepted and effected a seizure of contraband Boostin /Somatotropin hormone that is marketed to dairy farmers to increase milk production in diary animals.

The contraband consignment arrived under the cover of Air Way Bill was present at the Gateway Office of M/S DHL Express Courier at Jinnah International Airport, Karachi.

Subsequent to taking over possession of the impugned package, which was booked by one Muhammad Ayub, South Africa. The subject package declared to contain “Multivitamin” for examination and was booked in the name of Sheraz Ahmed, Karachi. The said package was examined and led to the recovery of 322 packets of Boostin /Somatotropin.

At this juncture one Sadru Uddin S/o Babuddin came at DHL Gateway office along with documents and claimed the delivery of seized shipment having Air Way Bill. Sadru Uddin was arrested on the charges of smuggling. It would be apposite to bring on record that as per the statement of M/s DHL the seized consignment was kept under hold on the instructions of ANF; however, when the M/s DHL Staff was asked to produce any such communiqué, they failed to do so. Surprisingly, a person namely Hassan then accompanying with arrested accused told that he did so.

FIR is lodged and investigation is underway to apprehend the culprits.

In another incident, information was received through Collector Khalil Yousafani to Additional Collector Khayal Muhammad to the effect that large quantity of foreign origin artificial growth hormone injections which boost cattle milk production would be smuggled into the country by a passenger coming from Dubai, UAE via flight Ek-606.

Therefore, on the instructions of Assistant Collector Raja Bilal Naseem, passenger manifest of said flight was obtained and suspected passengers coming from Dubai were thoroughly screened. As a result of this exercise, a passenger namely Muhammad Haseeb Tariq arriving from Dubai, UAE via flight EK-606 was intercepted by IPS “Green Channel” and asked to declare whether he was carrying any contraband goods in his baggage or on his person, to which he denied.

As there existed a credible information, the said passenger alongwith his baggage was diverted to Customs scanning machine. On scanning, the scanned images of the baggage indicated the presence of contraband item in a brown suitcase. Subsequently, the passenger alongwith his baggage comprising of 02 suitcases and one carton were diverted to Customs examination counter for detailed examination.

The examination led to recovery of “Boostin/Somatotropin” injections, perfumes, room spray, digital tasbeeh, two Iphone 11 Pro and assorted books. Furthermore, Gucci Ladies shoes and Gucci Gents sleepers were contained in carton.

During preliminary investigation Muhammad Haseeb Tariq disclosed he received the seized “Boostin/Somatotropin” from one Fareed at Dubai that two persons namely Muhammad Ali Memon and Muzamil Aslam were waiting outside at International Arrival to receive the contraband “Boostin/Somatotropin” which he brought. Upon his pointation Muhammad Ali Sabir was arrested on the spot and Muzamil Aslam absconded from the scene to avoid arrest upon getting air of the matter.

An FIR is lodged and investigations are underway.

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