KARACHI: ASO Preventive has slowed anti-smuggling drive for the last four days, as Collector Preventive Saquif Saeed is on leave, and during Collector’s absence large quantity of seized blankets was illegally released on the order of Chief Collector Enforcement Saifuddin Junejo.

An official said ASO Preventive was taking a cautious stance until Collector Saquif Saeed assumed the office. The official said ASO Preventive was making al out efforts in curbing smuggling, but influence and pressure by senior officers was discouraging government’s anti-smuggling campaign.

ASO Preventive had seized 60 tons of smuggled blankets from a warehouse in Shershah area. These blankets had been cleared in the garb of used clothing from EPX.

After ASO team brought the seized goods. However, the goods were illegally released under the pressure of Chief Collector Enforcement Saifuddin Junejo.

It may be mentioned here that Saifuddin Junejo has been Collector Exports Port Qasim and reportedly he had close relations with the Export Promotion Zone (EPZ) including the owner of the blankets seized by ASO Preventive.

Junejo pressurized the ASO Preventive staff and didn’t let the seizure report filed. He also ordered release of the goods without any documents and legal formalities. According to sources, Junejo advised the ASO Preventive staff that the goods had been legally cleared and he himself had seen all the documents in this regard.

It may be mentioned here that goods seized by ASO Preventive cannot be released without presenting of documents legal import and possession of the goods. It is the responsibility of the Collector Preventive to make this decision based on the documents.

It is interesting to note that Saifuddin Junejo ordered release of the seized blankets while Collector Preventive Saquif Saeed was on leave.