KARACHI: Businesses open here on Thursday after a week-long Eid-ul-Fitr holidays commencing from May 22 till May 27 amid fears of Covid 19 explosion due to violation of safety code announced by the federal and provincial governments.

As Sindh government has not announced any clear cut policy for the commercial and industrial concerns after the introduction of term ” smart lock down “. About 30 per cent shops and other commercial concerns opened by 11 am and more were expected to be open by mid day but they have to close by 5 p.m.

The Sindh government is expected to reconsider the lock down measures after eid and as the Covid 19 cases are rising and all government and private sector hospitals are full to their capacity as per officials figures, there will be no admissions in hospital for new cases even those needing ventilators. The provincial government may opt for a strict lockdown from next week but its decision would be shaped by the number of new cases of Covid 19.

The pandemic appears to be going out of control as people violated the principle of social distancing during eid shopping. With no medical care available to new patients, the self quarantine at own residence would be the only solution besides self medication and care at home.