LAHORE: With the change in command and posting of Mr Faiz Ahmad, a daring and competent officer of Pakistan Customs Service as Chief Collector Customs Enforcement Lahore , Customs anti smuggling drive in Punjab has accelerated  substantially.

During the past ten days, Customs Central Region has thwarted over a dozen of major smuggling attempts in Central and Southern Punjab. The daring leadership has restored the morale of the Customs staff.

On Tuesday late night operation near Zahir Peer, Rahim Yar Khan, the Customs staff of MCC Multan intercepted two 10 wheeler trucks containing smuggled goods concealed beneath layers of coal. As the trucks were being escorted to the Customs office, the armed men in 3 vehicles who were providing safe cover to the smuggling appeared and blocked the trucks transportation.

Their blockade attempt was successfully thwarted as the Reinforcement of other squads of ASO Multan were made to reach the spot in time. Customs challenged the miscreants with necessary coordination of local  police.

The bravery of the Customs staff forced the armed miscreants to retreat from the spot.  With high head and uplifted spirits the trucks were successfully escorted  to the Dryport Terminal Sadiqabad.

The smuggled goods contain dried skimmed milk, cigarettes, tyres, Betel nut, pan parag, thread and monosodium glutamate.  Total value of the catch is Rs. 81 Million.

FIR has been lodged and efforts to comprehend the smugglers are under way.

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