KARACHI: The Special Customs Appellate Tribunal is almost dysfunctional due to non appointment of members.

As per sources, the tribunal has only two members at present. One of the  two members Jahanzaib Wahla will be retiring on June 04 leaving only one member. The five vacancies are lying vacant since previous six months and there are no chances of new appointments for the reason that Federal Law Ministry is contemplating some major amendments in procedure for appointment of members technical etc.

According to Umer Farooq advocate practicising on custom side, the importers and exporters are facing problems as more and more appeals are piled up increasing the back log with each passing day.

Another lawyer seeking anonymity maintained that there should be some alternate arrangement till law is amended.

It was also learnt by Custom New that there is no Collector of Appeals at present and the seat is lying vacant since previous five months.