KARACHI: Director Customs Intelligence and Investigation Karachi Yaqoob Mako has redistributed work/assignments among Additional Directors within the directorate.

Additional Director-I Sheeraz Ahmed is assigned Administration and Establishment, Division-IV, FTO, DRRA and Internal Audit.

Additional Director-II, S. Ali Zaman Gardezi is assigned Anti-Smuggling Organization, Division-II, Auction & SWH and Anti-Money Laundering Cell.

Additional Director-III, Jamshed Ali Talpur is assigned Division-I, Division-III, ATT, R&A Section (Including SIU), Law and I&P Section.

Sources said Yaqoob Mako will be conducting scrutiny and audit of all the ‘blocked and then unblocked Goods Declarations (GD)’ for the last three year. Mako has also called for the complete data of the vehicles auctioned during this period; while an audit of the warehouses of Customs Intelligence is also being conducted. Sources said Additional Director Jamshed Talpur is reportedly assigned to submit a detailed report in this regard.

Yaqoob Mako held a meeting with Customs Intelligence and Investigation Karachi Superintendents and advised them to perform their duties and execute their responsibilities honestly adding no leniency or corruption would be tolerated.

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