KARACHI: M/s Imran Enterprises has lodged a complaint before Collector MCC Preventive and Customs Court that Customs staff had seized his legally imported cutch blocks weighing 25.3 tons.

Muhammad Izhar proprietor of M/s Imran Enterprises added that the Customs staff did not provide any document for seizure of the goods.

“I am proprietor of M/s. Imran Enterprises and regularly importing Cutch Block since 1990. I am tax payer and lawfully running my business. The Customs staff illegally seized my consignment. The seized consignment was imported by me in the month of December 2017 and after clearance of the same from Customs on 07-12-2019, I as per routine deposited the same in the godown.

“The customs officer without any legal justification seized my legally imported Cutch Block without any legal formalities. The godown was searched without any search warrant and no legal documents were prepared at the spot for seizure of the cutch block. If the customs authorities had any doubt about legal import of the consignment they could make necessary inquiry from me and the godown keeper. They can check my import record and godown keeper record regarding storage of the consignments,” the complaint noted

The Court has ordered MCC Preventive to make an inquiry into the complaint and submit report within seven days.

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