Serious mismanagement prevails at Federal Board of Revenue (FBR)

KARACHI: There prevails serious mismanagement at Federal Board of Revenue (FBR), as officers are being transferred on weekly basis and without the consultation of senior officers of Customs and Inland Revenue.

Last week, FBR notified large scale transfers and postings of officers of both Pakistan Customs and Inland Revenue. However, when the officers reached their new offices, only to find that they had again been transferred.

An official said the officers were posted for at least two or two and a half years. “It is kind of a posting security for the officers assuming offices”.

Most interestingly, the transfers and postings were notified by Chairperson Nausheen Amjad ahead of federal budget, which is not the norm at the revenue body. Infact, the authorities used to put a temporary ban on transfers during budget season.

Another thing irking field formations is that there is no Member Customs Operations at FBR. Decision was made on April 26th regarding appointment of Tariq Huda as Member Customs Operations. But, the requisition to Ministry of Commerce was issued on May 6th advising transfer of Tariq Huda back to FBR.

An official said the Chairperson was issuing transfers and postings without consulting senior officers of Customs, perhaps in a bid to create her control on field formations of both Customs and Inland Revenue.

Within short span of two weeks period and in second thought, the FBR has withdrawn its major transfer/postings of top five grade-21 officers of Inland Revenue Service (IRS) and one officer of Customs, and made abrupt changes in their assigned positions.

On April 30, 2020, the FBR had issued four notifications and transferred and posted 81 senior tax officials across the country including members, collectors and chief commissioners. Then FBR Member (IR-Operations) Ms. Seema Shakil (Inland Revenue Service/BS-21), who possessed good reputation, was posted out as Member FBR without any assignment.

According to notification issued by the FBR here on Tuesday, the FBR gave new assignments to five grade-21 officials including newly appointed FBR Member (IR-Operations), Chief Commissioner, (Large Taxpayer Unit) Lahore and Chief Commissioner, Regional Tax Office Rawalpindi.

Muhammad Ashfaq Ahmad (Inland Revenue Service/BS-21) Director General, (International Taxes) FBR has been given new assignment of FBR Member (IR-Operations). FBR Member (IR-Operations) Syed Nadeem Hussain Rizvi, who had recently assumed the charge, would now work as Director General, (International Taxes) FBR.

Chief Commissioner, (Large Taxpayer Unit) Lahore Dr Ashfaq Ahmad Tunio (Inland Revenue Service/BS-21) has been given new assignment as Director General, Directorate General of Internal Audit (Inland Revenue), Islamabad.

Qaiser Iqbal (Inland Revenue Service/BS-21) Chief Commissioner, Regional Tax Office, Rawalpindi has been given new assignment as Chief Commissioner Inland Revenue Large Taxpayers Unit, Lahore.

Earlier, Asim Majid Khan (Inland Revenue Service/BS-21), Chief Commissioner, Large Taxpayers Unit, Lahore was transferred as Director General, (Retail) Federal Board of Revenue (Hq), Islamabad. The officer was also assigned the additional charge of the post of Director General (WHT), FBR (HQ), Islamabad till the posting of a regular incumbent.

Moreover, Muhammad Aamer, who had been posted as Chief Collector Baluchistan two weeks ago, is now made Member FBR with no assignment.

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