KARACHI Corona virus is not a new virus but a two decade old now and has been known to found in many countries, affected thousands and also claimed deaths. Like all viruses it is mutating which means it is changing chemically, having different symptoms. It was named COVID 19 as the fresh outbreak was reported from Chinese city of Wuhan and was stated to be originating from mating between a bat and a snake at animal market. Corona is normally found in pengolin commonly known as scally ant water and in Pakistan is known as Juddo ki balah Monstor of juddo. It eats ants and termites and thus help in maintai n ing ecobalance of forests. This establishes that COVID 19 is a naturally found virus and known to the virologists etc having defined treatment. The recent   has spread to almost entire world and all five continents. As per world figures the COVID 19 has found  4,342,808 Victims out of which 292,899  have died of suffocating breathing problem after lungs of a victim clogs stopping supply of Oxygen to the blood. Majority of the victims were older people or people already suffering from multiple diseases. United States of America has the highest rate and number of deaths with 1,408, 636 infected and 83425 confirmed deaths with 296746 recovered. If Covid 19 is part of a grand Zionist plan why USA, the greatest supporter of Zionism has such a big ratio of pandemic. The highest number is stated to be confusing policies adopted by the Trump administration which lead to a much delayed lock down.

According to paramedics the disease is dangerous and as no vaccine has been developed so far, the only safety is social distancing. Those who believes that it was a part of an international plan to reduce world population and to improve environment by reduced human activity under lock down say it is a simple pneumonia. They also doubt testing kits and maintain that immunization against the Covid 19 is a tool to control the population explosion. This proved other way round as with people in doors, the world may witness record number of new births.

No country knows the true number of people infected with COVID-19. All we know is the infection status of those who have been tested.

The total number of people that have tested positive – the number of confirmed cases – is not the total number of people who have been infected. The true number of people infected with COVID-19 is much higher.

In Pakistan as per daily data, the number of Covid patients is 34336 with total number of deaths at 737. Sindh has 12610 and Punjab  has 13205 confirmed cases with 2256 new cases during previous twenty four hours. With the lock down reduced and increased testing, the number of victims in Pakistan is rising at an alarming rate yet the general public confused by federal government’s policies is violating all precautionary measures, are flocking to the markets and this may spell disaster in view of poor or non existing public sector health facilities.

Stay at home, be safe is the only vaccine against the deadly virus and Pakistanis instead of being swayed away by “Conspiracy Theories” must take care of themselves, families and their community or else be prepared to face situation prevailing in USA, the world’s only super power which failed to tackle a simple virus, an unseen enemy.