Corona Virus spread feared in container terminals, Custom officers, terminal staff tests positive

KARACHI: Corona virus (COVID 19) is spreading in container terminals at Karachi as the custom officials posted and terminal staff is contracting the life threatening virus. 

According to confirmed reports six Custom officials including three senior officers at Karachi International Container Terminal (KICT) have been tested COVID 19 positive while ten employees were diagnosed COVID 19 positive.

Incidentaly more than twenty employees of  SAPT were also tested positive and more may be diagnosed COVID positive.

Earlier 22 custom officials of Quetta Collectorate were also diagnosed to be carrying the deadly virus and are still under quarantine. One of the retired officer of customs Quetta died of virus related complications.

A day back, an Appraiser at Port Muhammad Bin Qasim namely Naushad who was battling blood cancer passed away at Karachis biggest private hospital while receiving Chemo therapy. However he was also declared to be a victim of COVID 19 after his death making such diagnosis doubtful. The doubts were further strengthened after case of two MPAs were tested positive in govt conducted tests while declared negative in second test by private labs.

Sources at terminals maintain that despite emergence of new cases, work at Terminals the petitioner will remain unaffected as alternate arrangements have been made including new hiring on contract basis. The custom officials also appeared to be in high spirits as according to them despite fear of contracting virus they are working round the clock and examining imported consignments endangering their lives.

They bank on official figures and low rate of deaths as compared to most developed nation’s.

Irrespective of all well founded doubts, it is emerging that while world economies are crumbling, the environment is improving tremendously and with record low Carbon emisions and reduced human activity the ruptures in Ozone are being cured and this alone could not have happened in normal conditions.

Ironically, the patients suffering from different ailments like cardiovascular diseases, asthma, diabetes, liver  or other diseases who die naturally are also counted  as Covid 19  victims  making the general public suspicious of figures claimed by the provincial government. Once a patient is declared Covid victim, the police springs into action demand gratification for granting permission to bury the death. As the complaints grew, Inspector General Police Sindh has ordered police to restrain from such acts. IGP ordered police to take action when informed by District Administration of person who dies of Covid 19.

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