Appraising Officers accused of facilitating a fiscal fraud interrogated, granted leave to defend

KARACHI: Deputy Director SIU Adnan Rafique conducted a hearing in M/s Loyal Traders fiscal fraud case, and accused Appraising Officers Aftab Iqbal, Muhammad Umair Makki, Zia-ur-Rehman and Qaiser Nadeem Chattha were given leave to defend.

According to details, Superintendent Dost Muhammad filed a report before Deputy Director Adnan Rafique that M/s Loyal Traders, Karachi with the collusion of the Appraising Officers Aftab Iqbal, Muhammad Umair Makki, Zia-ur-Rehman and Qaiser Nadeem Chattha, have committed fiscal fraud by uploading in WeBOC System fake import documents, grossly mis-declared the imported goods in terms of description, PCT heading, origin, weight, value, mode of payment & date of LC/Contract of the impugned goods and got the same cleared from Customs evading Government’s legitimate revenue to the tune of Rs.27.5 million.

Dost Muhammad noted the accused importer and officials worked hand in glove to commit the crime causing loss to the national exchequer.

Dost Muhammad noted in order to enforce writ of the state and to create deterrence against increasing crimes in the Customs Department, it is proposed that the instant case file may please be forwarded to the competent authority with the request to accord formal approval for initiation of criminal proceedings against all the above mentioned accused persons under the prevailing law and procedure please.

Adnan Rafique endorsed Dost Muhammad’s recommendation. Additional Director Sheeraz Ahmed advised Adnan Rafique to further investigate the case on the pattern of FIA and NAB to strengthen the case and prosecution.

The accused Appraising Officers were called for interrogation on May 05, 2020. They were asked to explain the procedure regarding clearance and out of charge of consignments imported by companies having Yellow Channel status.

However, the accused asked for a leave to defend themselves and consult with a lawyer.

It may be mentioned here the importer M/s Loyal Traders Karachi enjoys yellow channel status.The concerned assessing officers of MCC-Port Muhammad Bin Qasim, Karachi processed and cleared the GDs on the basis of the importers’ declaration under Yellow Channel without requiring physical examination of the goods which were subsequently delivered to the importers accordingly.

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