Purple Line Transit Constructors (PLTC) Announces Intent to Exit Purple Line Project

RIVERDALE PARK: Purple Line Transit Constructors (PLTC) notified the lead contracting and finance consortium for the Purple Line Project, PLTP, of its intent to exit the public-private partnership to build Maryland’s light rail project.

PLTC plans to work with PLTP and the project owner, MDOT/MTA on an efficient and orderly transition. PLTC is committed to supporting PLTP and MDOT/MTA throughout the process, which is expected to take approximately 60-90 days.

“PLTC still firmly believes in the goals and mission of the Purple Line Project and the important benefits it will deliver to Maryland,” said Scott Risley, PLTC project director. “Unfortunately, due to circumstances outside of PLTC’s control, there were multiple delays on the project and PLTC was unable to obtain the time and cost relief to which it is entitled from MDOT/MTA. Regretfully, PLTC simply cannot complete the project under these circumstances.”

PLTC’s design-build agreement includes an exit clause under which PLTC may leave the project if total delays reach 365 days. PLTC has spent nearly three years negotiating with MDOT/MTA in the hopes of continuing its participation in the project, even though delays have extended well beyond the 365-day threshold.

The project timeline and costs have been pushed well past original forecasts due to events out of PLTC’s control. To date, MDOT/MTA has refused to grant PLTC the additional time and costs it is entitled to that would be required to complete the project.

The lack of meaningful resolution on the impacts of third-party lawsuits, delayed right-of-way acquisition, and changes to regulations and third-party agreements have made PLTC’s continued participation unsustainable.

“PLTC entered into the project in good faith and was committed to bringing the Purple Line Project to Maryland communities,” Risley said. “We did not make this decision lightly and did everything we could to work with MDOT/MTA to attempt to come to an agreeable framework for us to complete the Project.”

The Purple Line Transit Constructors design-build team is comprised of Fluor, The Lane Construction Corporation and Traylor Bros., Inc. All three companies bring deep experience as design-build delivery contractors on dozens of applicable, mega design-build projects.

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