Frog E-Mobility Solutions expands into direct-to-consumer market

AUSTIN: Frog, the Austin Texas-based global micro-mobility solutions company, officially announced a strategic pivot from Frog Scooters to Frog E-Mobility Solutions, to represent Frog’s expanded e-mobility offerings.

Frog E-Mobility Solutions has developed a range of innovative, sustainable electric micro-mobility vehicles to tackle the rising mobility issues consumers face in our ever-growing urban populations. With the surging demand for personally owned electric vehicles, Frog is expanding from it’s shared scooter service to offer a diverse portfolio of direct-to-consumer products including a light-weight, portable electric scooter and a soon to be released line of electric outdoor utility vehicles marketed and sold under Frog ePowerSports.

In addition, Frog E-Mobility Solutions and Monday Motorbikes will continue their strategic partnership to manufacture Frog’s seated electric moped and future e-mobility product concepts.

The positive impact shared micro-mobility has had on communities and residents has sparked a surge in personal micro-mobility vehicle ownership. As Frog scales back its shared service during the COVID-19 pandemic it looks to accelerate the shift from shared vehicles to personally owned.

“When we launched our global sharing business in partnership with local municipalities we introduced the world’s first commercial-grade scooter. Frog immediately gained riders’ trust to provide a stable and reliable ride experience as a last-mile solution,” said Chrisitan Okonsky, Co-founder of Frog E-mobility Solutions. “We have taken the same experience that our shared mobility customers have come to expect from Frog and have developed the Traveller, a light-weight personally owned electric scooter.”

Frog E-mobility Solutions will launch its first line of direct to consumer products in Q3 2020 at, where users will be able to purchase the Traveller and accessories for delivery to their homes.

“Frog E-Mobility solutions will continue to lead innovation, especially during this time of uncertainty. We see value to invest and fulfill our direct to consumer line and continue to create a higher standard for sustainable e-mobility transportation solutions across a wide spectrum of markets,” said Okonsky.

The Traveller is the perfect balance between elegance and performance boasting a variety of unique designs and features, including an innovative hubless motor that delivers unprecedented torque output and speed control and a quick folding mechanism to create a fully portable last-mile vehicle.


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