All PIA Associations except CBA have been De-Recognized by PIA Management – Official letters have been issued to the Associations.

Karachi: In a notification issued by the management, PIA derecognizes all employee associations with immediate effect, with exception of Trade Union i.e., Collective Bargaining Agent (CBA) which is the sole constitutional body for representing and negotiating on behalf of the employees. The associations include Pakistan Airline Pilot Association (PALPA), Senior Staff Association (SSA), Airline Technologist Association of Pakistan (ATAP), Society of Aircraft Engineers of Pakistan (SAEP) and Pakistan Airline Cabin Crew Association (PACCA). Though all these associations include the word Pakistan in them, but their representation is limited to PIA employees as other airlines employees do not take part of these.
The management has proceeded with the de-recognition of these associations on account of operating imperatives and to bring the company out of the strangleholds of various groups attempting to create shadow and / or parallel management. This is however with the assurance that these measures are not against the employees but simply to ensure smooth operations of the company.
In this connection individual letters have been written to the heads of the aforementioned associations, henceforth the only recognized body for negotiation would be the CBA legitimized under Section 19 of the Industrial Relations Act, 2012. All matters brought forward by these associations will no longer be entertained; however, individual grievances if any would be considered and treated on merit. All working agreements signed with any such union, society or associations are hereby terminated with immediate effect. Consequent upon termination of these agreements, appropriate admin orders have been issued separately. The letter also states that all attempts have been made not to reduce the salary, allowances and other perks of employees.
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