Karachi: Pharma Bureau, the representative body of research based multinational pharmaceuticals in Pakistan, has donated biomedical devices to COVID19 Isolation Unit and negative ventilation system to Medical ICU of Civil Hospital Karachi.
Portable X-Ray machine with trolley, An ECG machine with tray and 4 heart monitors, worth Rs. 2.54 million were given to COVID 19 isolation unit of Civil Hospital.
Moreover, a negative ventilation system worth Rs. 5.85 million has also be donated for the Medical ICU of Civil Hospital.
“Civil Hospital Karachi on the frontline in battle against Coronavirus and we being the stakeholder in healthcare system, doing our best to support Government and healthcare community to counter this Pandemic in Pakistan,” said Ayesha T. Haq, Executive Director of Pharma Bureau.
She added that COVID19 patients require a completely separate facility for screening, isolation, treatment and step down as a result they cannot be mixed in with other patients coming to the hospital as the virus is highly contagious and spreads easily.
She said that the Negative Ventilation System is critical to ensure that the MICU constantly has fresh air and all contaminated air is removed from the MICU. This will ensure the safety of doctors and other healthcare professionals and all those staff that have to enter the MICU. It removes germs from the air and is a major factor in ensuring they do not get the virus while working in the MICU.