Frenkel Topping partners with Hudgell Solicitors

LONDON: Frenkel Topping Limited has established a 50:50 joint venture with Hudgell Solicitors. The joint venture will be named Hudgells Financial Management Services.

The joint venture is expected to bring synergies and support future growth for both businesses; FTL will become Hudgells preferred partner for clients who require investment advice post settlement. The Company is expected to benefit from new client referrals and lead to future AUM growth. Hudgells Financial Management Services will provide Hudgells with an additional pillar to the business and a value-added service to meet the needs of the most complex client.

Richard Fraser, CEO of Frenkel Topping, said: “As part of our strategy to grow our core business, Frenkel Topping Limited, we have been aiming to deepen and strengthen relationships with partners who share our values. Hudgells has an excellent reputation and the third joint venture we’ve established with another reputable law firm.  These partnerships expand our significant network of new business referrers and demonstrates our commitment to innovate and enhance our services, which ultimately will support our objective to increase shareholder value.”

Mark Holt, Managing Director of Frenkel Topping Limited, said:  “We have worked with the Hudgells team for many years as they are a highly respected firm of solicitors who champion their clients’ cause, a principal which we share. Hudgells Financial Management Services will provide life-after-settlement investment advice, which is often essential after a life-changing injury. Our partnership is expected to support future growth through new client wins adding to our AUM.”

Dr Neil Hudgell, Managing Director of Hudgell Solicitors, said: “We are delighted to partner with Frenkel Topping, whom we have trusted over the years to deliver superior IFA services and care to our clients who have required investment advice post settlement.  We have similar cultures and our clients remain at the core of everything we do, which was an essential consideration when partnering with Frenkel Topping.  This joint venture solidifies our relationship and provides our clients with broader services and supports our growth strategy.”

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