KARACHI: MCC Preventive Karachi has redistributed work among Superintendent Preventive Service (SPS) to accommodate recently promoted officers.

SPS Jamal Zia is assigned ASO (Admin); SPS Iftikhar Hasan is assigned ASO (Operations); SPS Abdul Malik Baloch is assigned UAB-PMBQ; SPS Abdul Ghaffar Lasi is assigned UAB-EW; SPS Merajuddin Alvi is assigned UAB-WW; SPS Imtiaz Ali is assigned Legal Division; and SPS Mohsin Malik is assigned JIAP.

It may be mentioned here that, Iftikhar Hasan is promoted to the post of Superintendent Preventive Service (SPS) in BS-16 by FBR, in recognition of his exemplary anti-smuggling services.

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