KARACHI: Saqib Ashfaq (Network Administrator PRAL) has received negative test results for the diagnosis of active Novel Coronavirus  COVID-19 infection.

Saqib Ashfaq was performing the duties in night shift with Imran Khan and was in close coordination with the infected person. All other PRAL Data Center staff is receiving negative test reports during the testing of Coronavirus Infection.

Custom House Karachi has been fumigated and disinfected.  Reliance Petrochem Industries Private limited did this job using Alcohol-base Sanitizers under the supervision of Additional Collector Umar Shafiq.

Custom House Karachi was closed on April 08, 2020 after a PRAL employee was diagnosed with the Corona Virus. However, the building was reopened next day after sanitization done by Reliance Petrochem Industries.

It may be mentioned here that Custom House building was also fumigated for rats. Custom House building was renewed and refurbished sometime back, and contract was awarded for installation of centralized cooling system, however the contractor only installed the false ceilings, which became a breeding ground for rats.

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