Imran Khan tests positive for Corona Virus

KARACHI: One Imran Khan, an employee at PRAL Data Center in Custom House Karachi, is diagnosed with COVID-19 creating a sense of fear among the officers and officials deputed in the Custom House Karachi.

Khan is the first person at Custom House who tested positive with the virus. Several other PRAL officials rushed to SIUT for testing, but SIUT only tested three persons due to shortage of testing kits.

Imran Khan developed symptoms two days back, after which Manager PRAL at Custom House sent home and advised him to tested. It may be mentioned here that Khan’s father was also tested positive.

An official said the authorities should take it seriously and Close the Custom House for fumigation and disinfection.

It may be mentioned here that Customs officers had recommended that WeBOC system was a fully automated and computerized system, and the Customs staff could easily perform their duties from home. The officers said Customs house should also be shut down as assessment of Goods Declaration (GDs) could be performed from home, while examination staff could be assigned in shifts.

As first employee is diagnosed positive, it puts life of Customs employees as well as importers and agents life at risk.

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  1. Clickbait.
    Had it been an employee with some unpopular name, you would’ve never mentioned them in your news.

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