Corruption of private organizations’ employees inflict equal damage to the society

Corruption is not just limited to government employees and government departments; it is equally, if not more, rampant in private organizations and corporate sector.

The procurement and supplies departments of private organizations are known to be most corrupt, while officials responsible for procurement and supplies are minting even more money than government officials.

The problem is way deep than it seems. The “commission” made by procurement staff on supplies increases the cost of the very supplies, escalates overall cost of doing business, and ultimately passed on to the end consumers i.e. the public.

Owners of these private organizations and corporate entities ignoring such internal corruption are actually encouraging and promoting the culture of corruption and stealing.

It is argued that internal corruption in private/corporate sector must come under the domain of anti-corruption bodies, because ultimately public suffers.

This phenomenon needs even more attention at organizations owned by ministers and government advisors. If a minister or government advisor is unable to control such bad practice at his/her own organization, how can they be trusted with the government and governance.

Privatesector corruption means that a manager or employee chooses to act for his own benefit, and contrary to his duties and responsibilities. Selfishness, however, may not be the only consideration.

There is a perception that owners of private/corporate sector organizations are well aware of the conduct of their staff involved in corruption and stealing, but such practice is overlooked so that such employees could be used to serve questionable purposes of the owners/management.

A large number of ministers, parliamentarians and government advisors own businesses. For instance, Advisor on Commerce Abdul Razzak Dawood owned Descon Engineering. Although, the Advisor has distanced himself from Descon for the time being, but it still his company.

Internal corruption and stealing by Descon Engineering’s staff would reflect on the Advisor’s capacity to fight corruption and bad practices.

It is equally important for the private/corporate sector organizations to keep strict vigilance on their staff particularly procurement and supplies departments and create a healthy and honest culture.

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