Importers still being fined for late GD filing, PRAL didn’t update the system

KARACHI: Despite Federal Board of Revenue FBR notification extending the timeline for filing of GD to 25 days, the WeBOC system is still imposing fines on importers because PRAL didn’t update the system.

Customs agents said that they were still being fined by the system for late filing of GD. As the system was not updated by PRAL, importers/agents would suffer additional cost.
In order to facilitate the trade, the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has extended the time for filing of goods declaration (GD) from the existing 10 days of arrival of goods to further 15 days (total 25 days) for all IGMs filed  between 17th March and 7th April, 2020, the FBR notified on March 30 (Monday).

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