3,000 containers stuck-up: Bonded carriers demand permission to cross border transit cargo

KARACHI: All Pakistan Bonded Carriers Association has urged the authorities to allow crossing border of Afghan transit trade cargo, stuck-up for over 30 days due to the closure of Pak-Afghan border.

According to Director Transit Trade record, 1,587 vehicles loaded with Afghan transit containers en-route to Chaman and 526 vehicles to Torkham side are stuck-up.

“It’s been 30 days that our Chaman side traffic is entirely halted and 3,600 drivers and cleaners are safeguarding the vehicles and transit cargo loaded on these vehicle. Same is happening at Torkham side,” Shams Burney President of Bonded Carriers Association said.

Moreover, over 900 vehicles returning with empty containers are stuck up on Afghan side of the border due to the same reason. “Altogether almost 5,600 drivers/cleaners all poor Pakistanis are held up at both the sides of Pak-Afghan borders counting days for the border opening and starting of transit traffic”.

Burney said none of the drivers/cleaners had developed any symptoms in the last 30 days and urged the authorities to allow movement of Afghan transit cargo in the same way cargo transportation is permitted across the country.

consumption. Unfortunately, in this case all the cargo for home consumption is allowed clearance from the Port whereas Afghan Transit cargo is denied clearance.

Burney said the transshipment cargo to and from all the dry ports of Pakistan was being cleared from the seaports, but the vehicles were stranded with heavy load.

“Vehicles suffer damage when parked in loaded condition. These vehicles are parked at different locations since there is no proper parking near Chaman/Torkham. Billions of rupees revenue is involved on this cargo until the goods cross border.”

He said deteriorating economic conditions of the country were also a threat to the vehicles and the Afghan transit cargo as well as to the lives of the drivers.

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